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As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to win an Emmy. I am a voting member of the Television Academy and getting closer to that dream every day.  I've had a short film qualify for an Academy Award and another one screen at Cannes.

I've been acting professionally since the age of 5 when I joined SAG, AFTRA and Equity ( now AEA). I was born and raised in Chicago and was a child model. You know, the ones without the eating disorders.  I did some commercials for Sears, Slo-Poke, Kelloggs, Jewel Grand Bazaar, and a lot of print and voice over and singing commercials. I also did a lot of theatre there including an award winning production of The Miracle Worker for which I won the Joseph Jefferson Award - the Chicago version of the Tony. 

I decided I wanted to be a professional singer and musician in high school and had my own band for many years. I had a fake I.D. and an encouraging mother who was my "vocal coach" since I was 13 when I started playing clubs. Eventually the band decided to move out west to showcase for major recording labels and we did. We were signed to CBS Portrait just prior to them filing for bankrupcy. A few years later we had a development deal with EMI. 

Since I had my SAG card, I got back into acting and eventually found myself being cast on Hunter, The Edge, Seinfeld, Ellen, King of Queens, Will & Grace, Back To You and The Middle. 

Around 2010, I began producing and did many short film and features that did well in festivals.  REIGN qualified for an Academy Award and Sticks and Stones screened at Cannes.  

A PSA called I'm Mommy won a Telly Award.  

I've been writing for years and wrote a sit-com pilot for Molly Shannon that Hazy Mills has. I had a script optioned by HBO.  I wrote spec scripts for Ellen and Seinfeld. I have many other scripts and projects that I'm working on now.  Gotta stay busy. And get that Emmy. 


Emmy 2015
Reunited with Julia Louis Dreyfuss
with Jon Hamm
with Kristin Wiig
With Josh Grobin
with Tina Fey
with Melissa McCarthy
with Kathy Griffin
Emmy 2015 with Chris Molina
Emmy 2015 with Chris Molina
Emmy 2015
at the Performers Peer Group
with Dee Rees Bessie director
with Norman Lear
with Martin Sheen
with Lili Fini Zanuck
with Jane Fonda
with Julian Fellows
with Aaron Sorkin
with Beau Bridges at PPG
with Kevin Spacey
red carpet selfie
at Emmys 2011
at Emmys 2011
at Emmys 2011
Emmys 2010
Emmys 2010
with Rob Riggle from Gary Unmarried at the Emmys
Emmys 2009
Emmys with Levar Burton
Emmys with Levar Burton
Emmys first time
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