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Acting and Dialogue Coach with over 700 hours of Network Television Experience and over 100 pilots. SAG AFTRA and AEA member. Member of the T.V. Academy and Women In Film. 

“I've been told that I'm a wonderful acting and dialogue coach. I'm being told this by some pretty wonderful people so I'll take their word for it. So, on the advice of Margo Martindale and Molly Shannon ( more name dropping later) - I will do as they suggested and offer coaching to actors. I have coached actors on set and for auditions in comedy and drama. Margo says she "couldn't have done a sitcom without me ." Molly said I helped her immensely preparing for a drama.


I’ve coached Academy Award Winners and Nominees and Emmy Award Winners and Nominees. Also Tony Award Winners and Nominees and a few Grammy winners too.


A little bit about me if you didn't know:


I started as a child actor and model ( the ones without the eating disorders ) in Chicago. Trained for years in acting, dancing, and music. Did theatre and commercials there, won some acting awards and made the big move to LA in 1985. I was a professional musician and singer for over 20 years getting signed to a label which later went bankrupt. Not because of me.


I've worked on film and television sets for over 30 years going back to Hunter, Seinfeld, Will and Grace, King of Queens, Back To You, The Class, The Middle and The Millers . I have over 700 hours of network television and have worked on over 100 pilots. I've learned a lot!


If you have an audition you want to work on with someone who "gets it" and doesn't mind running it with you for as long as it takes. More shameless name dropping:


I've gotten to help coach:


Richard Dreyfuss ( with an ear wick  )      Wayne Knight                           Cher

Betty White                                                Norm MacDonald                     Madonna

Whoopi Goldberg                                      Brooke Shields                         John Cleese

Will Arnett                                                  Doris Roberts                           Minnie Driver

Sean Hayes                                              Jane Kaczmarek                       Suzanne Pleshette

Jeffrey Tambor                                          Keegan-Michael Key                 Marisa Tomei

Judith Light                                               Nicole Sullivan                           Jennifer Aniston

Fred Dryer                                                Nelson Franklin                          Charlie Sheen

June Squibb                                             Eliza Coupe                                Jon Cryer

Casey Wilson                                           Megan Mullally                            Paul Rudd

Roseanne Barr                                         Alec Baldwin                               Jayma Mays

Dot Marie Jones                                       Julia Louis-Dreyfus                     Beau Bridges

Andy Richter                                             Carol Kane                                 Lizzy Caplan

Bryan Cranston                                        Jason Alexander                         Jason Ritter

Patricia Heaton                                         Paula Marshall Nucci                  Lily Tomlin                  

Blythe Danner                                           Fred Willard                                Jeremy Piven

Jerry Stiller                                                Kelsey Grammer                         Rip Torn

Leah Remini                                             Ty Burrell                                     Gene Wilder

Kevin James                                             Josh Gad                                     Glenn Close

Patton Oswald                                           Rob Riggle                                  Andrea Anders

John Michael Higgins                                Patti Lupone                               JB Smoove

Neil Patrick Harris                                     Kristin Chenowith                        Laura Benanti
William Shatner                                        Sydney Pollack                            Matt Damon

Matthew Broderick                                    Edward Burns                             Marsha Mason

Shelley Morrison                                      Judge Reinhold                           Jerry Van Dyke

Harry Connick Jr                                      Steven Weber                              Dick Van Dyke

Woody Harrelson                                     Candice Bergen                           Carl Reiner

William Devane                                        Dylan McDermott                         Ty Burrell

Bobby Cannavale                                    Victor Garber                                Craig Bierko

Jeff Goldblum                                          Chris Kattan                                  Fred Willard

Wanda Sykes                                          Sharon Stone                                Meredith Baxter

Andy Garcia                                             Rosie O’Donnell                           Piper Laurie

Orson Bean                                             Anne Meara                                  Lou Ferrigno

Michael Douglas                                      Marion Ross                                 Ray Romano

Oprah Winfrey                                         Molly Shannon                              Margo Martindale


In addition: I’ve gotten to coach many child actors on set as well as private coaching.


I know for me learning lines is hard without the support of someone encouraging. Someone who doesn't act like they are doing you a favor or rushes you or seems surprised you want to keep doing it over and over. I get it. Take your time - I won't leave until you feel completely comfortable.


I also find that being a trained actor is one thing but knowing what is expected of you while the expensive production clock is ticking is essential. For Multi Camera shows - getting handed 30 new pages while the audience is being seated is overwhelming . It's a process and being calm for actors helps them. It's an amazing experience to learn from all of them. It's made me a better writer and actor.

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